You're a chameleon trying to live a normal human life – until a rude seagull steals your human mask.

Slink down the street to get your mask back, using your chameleon powers to blend into your surroundings – whatever you do, don't get spotted by the humans!

CONTROLS (Keyboard):

SELECT PATTERN: Left/right arrows or left/right click
CAMOUFLAGE: Hold "E",  but keep an eye on your camo-meter

CONTROLS (Gamepad): 

MOVE: Left joystick
SELECT PATTERN: Right joystick or shoulder buttons
CAMOUFLAGE: Hold bottom action, button but keep an eye on your camo-meter

Made for the Global Game Jam 2021 through the Portland Indie Game Squad!

Pat Farnach – game design & programming
Jef Drawbaugh – music & sound design
Alex Benson – art & animation

PlatformsWindows, macOS, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorsAlex Benson, Pat Farnach
TagsArcade, Cute, Global Game Jam, Low-poly, Singleplayer, Stealth


Camo Chameleon (v1.1.1) - Windows 32 MB
Camo Chameleon (v1.1.1) - macOS 41 MB


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I loved this game from the moment those comic panels went up on the start menu! It's a really cute concept that made even stronger by its visuals. The audio is also really nice, the sound that people make when they spot you is great. I enjoyed the core loop of walking to cover and concealing myself because the walking animations were so adorable. I'm an undergrad game dev student and I'm curious to know if you have any recommendations for how to make such compelling low-poly 3d models? Your models have so much character and in my classes making things appear "true to life" is what is emphasized.


Thanks so much for the kind words! I don't have a ton of advice on 3D modeling since I'm definitely still learning myself – but I do really like to start on paper. Every time I've tried to start out first in Blender, even with photo references, it doesn't turn out very well. But when I spend some time drawing it first, getting the personality right and all the little details and proportions, I usually end up happier with it. But definitely do what works for you, and don't be afraid to stray from class learnings! That's only one point of view and sometimes you gotta explore methods a bit to find something that hits your brain in that natural way


This was fun and funny! Well done! Congrats on finishing this for the GGJ!

thanks a bunch Andy! glad you dig it!