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Good Guy

I love the game, but I'm a little bit disappointed because it's not that long (That's what she said). And I like the challenge the game gives me. Keep up the work, Dev. :)

Really enjoyed this game!!!

thanks a bunch, I’m glad to hear it!

unable to open on Mac :(

Shoot, thanks for letting me know! I've removed the Mac build for now while I'm troubleshooting it – if I can get it going I'll put it back up; alternatively, if I can get the bugs out of the WebGL in-browser version, I'll get that up instead.

Thanks! I actually took some time and I figured out how to run it

uhh how do you do that?

I would have never thought that burning buttocks are so effective against giants. The more you know🧐


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woahhh really?? That’s awesome! thanks for letting me know! Wooo!

Pretty interesting lol, tbh didn't know this was based off a show til after


Dude. This game is hilarious! It's so well done. I Loved it. For your health!

thanks for the kind words! It was so fun watching you play, I’m glad you dug it — keep up that rad goblin energy!


Muito divertdo! 

Que viagem é essa kkkk Parece ser muito divertido o jogo kkk

ahahahah fun please make other stage other monster ahahah